Trevor Siemian is the guy in the photo above. Gary Kubiak went ahead and made it official on Monday, naming him starting quarterback of the 2015 Super Bowl Champions.

One fan just said to another, "I guess Kub just saw enough to go ahead and pull the trigger." The other fan added, "Well, that and seeing enough of Sanchez!"

Whatever the stats, young Trevor just looked more confident. Some of us also think that, in game three, he made some real impressive throws.

So much for the three-way poll we had going. Wyomingites had actually given Sanchez an early lead in the voting until he didn't play second Saturday night. As of Trevor's happy news, here's where our voting stood.

Paxton Lynch  70.48 percent

Trevor Siemian  15.50 percent

Mark Sanchez  14.02 percent

Wow, was Paxton's mother voting over and over?