Whether you're a dog person or a cat person, are your pets licensed with the city?

I had a new pet owner ask me and honestly I didn't know the answer, so I called the Metro Animal shelter to find out.

If you live in Natrona County then the answer is - YES.  Residents within the Metropolitan Animal Control District (which is all of Natrona County) must license their dog or cat once it is 6 months of age.  The only exceptions are for seeing-eye doges properly trained to assist sight impaired persons or properly trained hearing-ear dogs.

Also Dogs and Cats must wear a valid license tags at all times when off the premises of the owner.  Competition and hunting dogs are excused from this requirement when they are engaged in competition, training or hunting in the field.

Good news is, that you can get a license for your pet from your local veterinarian or you can stop by the Metro Animal Control Center.  The licenses are sold on an annual basis and are good from January 1st to December 31st the same year.

This is not only a requirement, but good insurance in the hopes of recovering a lost pet that might be found by a neighbor or picked up by Metro Animal Control if your pet is at large. If animal has a valid license, the Metro Staff will contact the owner by phone or by mail via the information on the license application.

Failure to properly license your pet could result in a fine to the owner, not to mention the the risk of the loss of your pet with no way for anyone to be able to locate the animal's proper owner.

CLICK HERE to view the entire Municipal Code for pets and animals for Casper and the Metro Animal Control District.


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