There's an old saying that goes something like, "the hometown boy makes good." Well, that's exactly what Aquile is doing. The former Casper resident is making headlines wherever he goes as he continues to further his music career. This week, he returned to Casper to perform a few shows for select audiences. His first stop on this mini-tour was his old elementary school, Poison Spider Elementary School. He performed a quick acoustic set for his former teachers and some students, before offering some words of encouragement.

He was quick to defend the arts, saying that they belong in schools, as his arts classes are what helped him achieve his dreams. He also encouraged the students in attendance, telling them that they too can follow their dreams just like he is. He opened it up to questions, with one little girl asking him, 'Do you play on the radio?' Aquile chuckled and said yes, he does indeed play on the radio (he even gave us a shoutout!).

Check out these pics and a couple videos from Aquile's return to Poison Spider.


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