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Because we have too much time on our hands, Doc and I came up with a fun seasonal challenge.

Each of us has put together a seasonal look created from items that can be purchased through Amazon.

The budget is $100 with absolutely no wiggle room. No shipping or tax will be added to the cost.

Take a moment to check out our Winter looks and then make sure you vote for your favorite.

Here's Doc's carefully planned winter ensemble. Behold the fashion greatness.

Uncle Rico sweatshirt - $54.99

Costume Agent, Amazon

Nothing says "I could have won state if coach had just put me in the game" quite like this special sweatshirt.

American Flag workout pants - $16.99

Queen Area, Amazon

Bow to your sensei...bow to your sensei!


American Flag shoes - $20.99

Rocket Dog, Amazon

Science says you'll be faster and much more patriotic with these flag tennis shoes.


4-pack of John Wayne Pins - $6.99

Ata-Boy, Amazon

For the John Wayne fan who's definitely not a communist, this is the definitive gift.

Grand total of Doc's winter outfit - $99.96


And now it's Prairie Wife's Cozy and Chic Winter Ensemble. It's totally on-trend, works for any age or size, and includes all the accessories you need....oh and there is glitter involved.

Chunky Button Turtle Cowl Neck Asymmetric Hem Wrap Pullover Sweater $35.99

Asvivid via Amazon

High Waisted Solid Yoga Leggings $11.99

LeggingsDepot via Amazon

4 Pair Cozy Knee High Socks $19.99

Henny Rue via Amazon

Knee High Water-Proof Rainboots (glitter) $18.39

KormeForm via Amazon

Hanes Women's Mini Ribbed Cotton Tank $6.90

Hanes via Amazon

Pom Pom Winter Beenie (white) $5.14

Beechfield via Amazon

Total cost for Prairie Wife's look is $98.40

We will announce the winning look on air.

If Prairie Wife is the winner, Doc has to watch a cheesy Christmas movie.

If Doc is the winner, Prairie Wife will have to watch a John Wayne movie of his choice.

The loser will show proof that they DID indeed follow through, on our Instagram account.

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