Booze makes you a better parent—or at least that’s what one in five moms and dads thinks. A new study reveals that nearly 20 percent of all British parents believe their alcohol consumption positively affects their parenting skills.

The study by the 4Children charity found that an alarming six out of 10 parents feel that their drug and alcohol use has no influence on their family life; only 9 percent reported that they felt like their booze habits had a negative impact.

This is because British parents view boozing it up “as normal as drinking tea,” according to lead researcher Mark Bennett, director of policy at 4Children, who says their recent findings have uncovered a “silent epidemic” among British families.

“Part of the problem is people don’t realize that they are causing problems by drinking to excess habitually,” said Bennett. “It could first be one glass, which leads to another. If parents have had a bottle of wine or more, their ability to react to their child, especially a small child, will be impaired.”

Other alarming figures uncovered in the study include:

  • More than 50 percent drink every week
  • 7 percent drink every day
  • More than 60 percent believe drugs and alcohol do not impact their ability as parents
  • 17 percent admit to drinking more after the birth of their first child

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