Only one in five house holds in Wyoming will be enjoying a 'Green Bean Casserole' at their Thanksgiving dinner table this year, according to a study conducted by Del Monte.

The US prominent grower and distributor of green beans and many other vegetables surveyed 3000 Americans if they planned to eat the classic green bean casserole side this Thanksgiving.  The results were somewhat weird to me as I thought everyone enjoyed green bean casserole around the holidays, but according to their study - this isn't the case.

In fact, the south enjoys much more of the delicious side dish than do other parts of the nation.  Louisiana leads all states with approximately 60% of residents expecting to eat green bean casserole.

If you were to try and venture a guess as to which state has the fewest residents expecting a green bean casserole, you'd probably guess it correctly.  That is, if you guessed Hawaii.  I wonder if pineapple and green beans go together??  Less than 17% of Hawaiians are expecting a green bean casserole side dish this year.

For us in Wyoming, we fall into the bottom 5 of states in their survey with only 19% looking forward to a green bean casserole side.  (My house will have it for sure!!)

But if you are one of the folks looking forward to a green bean casserole this year or if you're thinking of trying it, but not sure how to make it - here's help!

Del Monte ranked the top 5 most popular green bean casserole recipes, the links are included below:  Enjoy!!

1. Classic Green Bean Casserole

Del Monte

2. Bacon and Cheddar Green Bean Casserole

Del Monte

3. Sautéed Mushroom and Green Bean Casserole

Del Monte

4. Creole Sausage and Green Bean Casserole

Del Monte

5. Main Dish Green Bean Casserole

Del Monte

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