We asked how Wyomingites feel about “Last Man Standing” being cancelled.

Maybe many felt the show was a refreshing conservative oasis. ABC stated it was dropped due to ratings (not politics). Do you buy that?

By the way, according to Variety, the sitcom’s studio, Twentieth Century Fox TV, is looking for a new home network. Meanwhile we still have the syndicated versions from seasons past on Hallmark, and CAT.

Think about it. “Gun Rights Baxter” might have more fans in Wyoming than in Colorado - where the show is set. Google trends confirmed that it is more popular in the Cowboy State by about a 9 to 7 score.

So, for now, how does “Last Man (No Longer) Standing” make you feel?

It was hysterically funny to me and I loved it! … 94.44 Percent   

 What show? … 3.03 Percent

 I always hated it! … 1.52 Percent   (OUCH!)