It all started out simply enough.

A Wyoming hunter headed out with his friend and his trusty Blue Heeler "Zip" for his second Elk hunt of the year.

"Zip" had been his faithful hunting companion for more than 3 years and had even been up to the same area a mere two weeks previously.

On day 3 of the hunt is when things took a scary turn.

A Bull Elk was finally spotted and when shots were fired "Zip" unexpectedly took off.

The hunters were surprised but knew that in Grizzly territory it's best to get your Elk taken care of quickly and move out ASAP.

They assumed "Zip" would be back at camp.

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Sadly, he wasn't there when they returned.

The next morning as they set out to find "Zip" the hunters ran into an Outfitter.

He mentioned that he HAD seen the dog near his camp and that if he wasn't there when he returned he would radio the lodge located near the trailhead to keep an eye out for him.

The hunters felt fairly certain from what they had heard that "Zip" was headed to the truck and horse trailer and they decided to head that way first thing in the morning.

Upon returning back to camp it was discovered that a Grizzly had gotten into their camp and taken their Elk. Despite it being hung up 10 feet in a tree.

They recovered the antlers (though they were a bit worse for the wear), and packed up camp the best they could so they could leave as soon as the sun was up.

The pictures below will tell the rest of this truly fantastic saga...

Zip The Wonder Dog Finds His Way Home

Thanks to the kindness of strangers Zip was reunited with his humans.

If the strangers had simply left the dog, who knows if he ever would have been found in the vastness of the Wyoming wilderness where he was lost.

It's also a good reminder to make sure that your dog has tags or information on its collar in case it does become just never know.


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