The internet likes to dog us quite frequently, so how about some good news for a change? Douglas and Glenrock were both just listed among the best places to raise a family in Wyoming.

Homesnacks put this ranking together of the best Wyoming cities to raise a family and I was really curious what methodology they used. What's good for families for one person might be completely different for someone with a different perspective. Here's how Homesnacks said they decided which places were best:

We consulted the US Census on places in the Cowboy State with more than 2,000 residents. We looked at several factors: crime, education, family friendly activities, and the percent of households that currently have children.

Whenever you see a best or worst list, it's always wise to find out how they came up with their data first. For the most part, I would agree with the metrics they chose even though the "family-friendly activities" is very subjective.

With all of those factors considered, Glenrock came in at #8 while Douglas landed at #10. Overall, they listed Kemmerer as the best Wyoming city to raise a family in.

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