Please don't shoot the messenger, but there's a new study that says Douglas is one of the best and Casper is one of the worst driving cities in Wyoming.

Don't blame me. It's Quote Wizard's fault. They named the best and worst driving cities in Wyoming. Check out the blue (good) and red (bad) places on their map.

Quote Wizard
Quote Wizard

Notice that neither Casper or Douglas is shown on their handy map. But, if you look at the top 10 lists, you'll notice that Douglas is the 10th best Wyoming city to drive in while Casper ends up on the naughty list as the 9th worst.

How did they come up with this? Here's what Quote Wizard said:

We analyzed 2018 data from over 10,000 insurance quotes from Wyoming drivers using QuoteWizard to find the rate of overall incidents in each city. Incidents include accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs and moving citations.

Accidents? Check. Speeding tickets? Yep. Moving citations? Been there, done that.

Again, don't shoot the messenger. Check out the Quote Wizard list for why Douglas drivers get a pat on the back while Casper ends up with the frown face.

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