When you drive the highways and byways of western America, you never know what wildlife may be joining you on the road. A Montana driver recently shared video of 3 young mountain lions who were booking it down the road alongside him.

I reached out to Jay Kinsey who was kind enough to share this video with us. Jay shared this on his Facebook page a few days ago.

I asked Jay via Facebook Messenger where you saw these young but large kitty cats and he shared this:

About 5 or 6 miles North/East of White Sulphur Springs Montana. Last Thursday the 18th, on my way home from a day of Snowmobiling with friends.

If I'm understanding Jay's directions correctly, that would be approximately here.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

Since Jay first dropped this on his Facebook page, it's been viewed hundreds of times. I can understand why. It's not often you see young mountain lions like this since they're often secluded away from where people are. Catching them on phone video is like catching lightning in a bottle.

Thanks again to Jay for the video share and backstory.

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