A recent driver through Grand Teton National Park had one of the ultimate welcome wagons. It was a grizzly sow with two of her cubs who decided to stop by and say hello.

This video was captured just a few days ago inside of Grand Teton National Park when they had the recent snow.

According to the video description, the lady and her son decided to drive through the Tetons after there was a reported grizzly sighting. They said they were on Teton Lake Road just to the east of Jackson Lake which would have put them approximately here in the park.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

Typical bear curiosity as the grizzlies checked out the car then went on their merry way.

If you're thinking about visiting Grand Teton National Park or Yellowstone soon, keep in mind that there are some restrictions due to COVID-19 even though the park is technically open. As Yellowstone Park.com mentions, the primary roads like Teton Lake Road in the video above are open. However, the park visitor center, overnight lodging and some other services and buildings are still not open in an effort to protect park workers from crowds.

The last time my family drove by the Tetons we also made a trip through Yellowstone. If that's your itinerary also, don't forget that Yellowstone is still not completely open as they have begun a 3-phase reopening of the park. Since this is obviously a changeable situation, be sure to check out the official Grand Teton National Park website for any further updates.

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