If you don't already have a tin foil hat, it's time to make one. There's a dude that believes he has video proof that the Germans are dropping chemtrails over Wyoming.

If you are new to the chemtrail conspiracy theory, it's a theory that governments are dropping chemicals over cities for population control, weather modification, etc. The Wikipedia page is a good primer for why people believe this.

The guy in this video constantly makes references to coal fly ash. I had to look this up to even begin to understand what he's talking about. Back to Wikipedia I go to learn that it's a contaminant.

I don't doubt that our government and others do weird things sometimes. But, I have a hard time understand why Lufthansa (a German airline) would want to drop contaminants on our heads.

In defense of the chemtrail conspiracy theory folks, it's a proven fact that the US government has done experiments on the population with bacteria, etc. Business Insider covered this in a story a few years ago.

What do you think? Are these regular jet contrails or are the Germans out to get us?

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