It's round 2 of our Casper east versus west poll. This time around, I am wondering which Wendy's location you like better. Do you choose east or west more?

Thanks to geography, Casper is kind of scrunched from north to south so many major franchises choose to put locations on the east and west side of town.

In regards to Wendy's, I've had friends mention that they would choose one location over another because there was a super-nice person that treated them well at one place over the years. For others, the location they happen to be closer to when hunger hits wins.

When it comes to fast food restaurants, the drive-thru experience can also make a big difference. If one is faster than another or gets the order wrong often, that can win (or lose) the day.

What say you? Casper Wendy's east on CY or west on 2nd Street?

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