Eric Church was forced to cancel his show on Sunday (April 29) after he lost his voice due to illness. Fans were already in line by 6PM at the U.S. Cellular Coliseum when the announcement was made that the concert was axed due to circumstances beyond the singer’s control.

A singer canceling a concert due to voice issues in a fairly common thing in music, but it was particularly a bum out for the Eric Church faithful (no pun intended!), since many had traveled in excess of 100 miles to see him play in Bloomington, Ill. One fan even took the night off work for the show.

According to the Pantagraph, Church released a personal note to fans, issued by the venue. It read: “I’ve played shows with injuries before, but unfortunately (I) cannot overcome having no voice.”

That’s beyond understandable. Church expressed that he tried to soldier through it, but his sickness became insurmountable. The note continued: “I hate (that) this came so late in the day, but I’ve tried everything I know of to get (my voice) back and wanted to give it as much time as I could to try and make the show happen.”

Church also promised to make it up to the fans who came out, saying, “To the fans that were planning on attending, I owe you one.”

Get better soon, Eric. Take care of that voice and make sure you head back to Illinois sooner rather than later! Church is scheduled to perform in Springfield, Mo. on Thursday (May 3).