I may be considered an over-planner, but I'll tell you that because I always like to be prepared, it's saved my butt on road trips plenty of times.

Preparing is essential, especially if you're road-tripping around our great state. Wyoming has many options for day, weekend, or weeks-long road trips, and I encourage everyone to do at least one of those this year.

Road trip season is coming, make sure you're prepared.
Drew Kirby, TSM

At some point over the last 15 years, I've been to every corner of Wyoming on a road trip. I've seen things I talk about regularly and am always willing to bring others to where I've been. I've spoken to people who have lived in Wyoming their whole lives and haven't been to many of the incredible places that are just a car ride away.

Road trip season is coming, make sure you're prepared.
Drew Kirby, TSM

Part of what makes Wyoming such a special place is that there are places you can go and not see another person for hours. On the other hand, there are places you can go and not see another person, town, gas station, restaurant, or phone service for hours.

Road trip season is coming, make sure you're prepared.
Drew Kirby, TSM

Being prepared for any situation while on the road can be a lifesaver. Knowing what you should have with you all the time and what to have for specific road trips is extremely important.

Check out this list of items to help you prepare for your road trip.

  • Flashlight -
    • It's good to have a hand-held flashlight and a headlamp. If you have car trouble (like a flat tire), having the headlamp will keep your hands free and still give you a light source.
  • Portable Power Bank
    • It will allow you to recharge your mobile devices or other essential electronics.
  • Jumper Cables/ Jumpstarter
    • These should always be in your vehicle, not just on a road trip.
    • Jumpstarters can be a life savior and can double as a source to charge your devices.
  • Portable Air Compressor -
    • When traveling the backroads of Wyoming, you may encounter a flat tire. A compressor can air your tire enough to get you to the next town.
  • Multi-Tool
    • Gives you multiple options for tools, like screwdrivers, pliers, knives, and wire cutters.
  • Phone Mount
    • Keeping your eyes on the road but having a way to watch your phone is essential to avoid distracted driving. This is especially true if you're monitoring the weather, driving directions, or changing music on your phone.
  • Documents
    • Keep your insurance, registration, owner's manual, and any other documents you may need if you're pulled over or have issues together in one place.
  • Complete Roadside Emergency Kit
    • You should keep one in your vehicle at all times. You can pick up a complete kit from Amazon or almost any store.
    • Make sure you have these items in it
      • Safety Gloves
      • Eye Protection
      • First Aid Kit
      • Tow Rope
      • Tire Repair Kit
      • Rain Gear
      • Basic Tools
  • Personal Items
    • Wipes/ Toilet Paper
    • Medicines
      • Headache/ Pain Relief
      • Car Sick Pills
      • Extra Prescriptions
    • Sunscreen
    • Toiletry Bag
    • Hand Sanitizer
  • Emergency Clothing - Wyoming weather can change without notice.
    • Gloves
    • Hats
    • Blankets
    • Change of clothes

You may not need all of these items for every road trip you take, but having them when you need them is critical. Have a safe and happy road trip season.

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