There's a new internet thing where a national site has named 12 Wyoming restaurants you have to eat at in 2020. One of them is in our backyard in Evansville.

I spotted this little gem on Only In Your State. The did a top 12 of Wyoming restaurants you'll want to eat at in 2020. You'll see plenty of Jackson restaurants on the list because of course you will. But, among the lifestyles of the rich and famous you'll also see a familiar joint at #6. Congrats to HQ Southern BBQ for getting this shout out.

Why did HQ make this national top 12 list? Here's one of the reasons as stated by Only In Your State:

HQ Southern BBQ has earned a reputation for serving up some of the best smoked and slow-cooked food in the Cowboy State.

The internet is full of opinions and I have to admit that I generally don't care about this list or that. But, I feel like it's worth mentioning that one of our small food stops has received some internet love. I especially love that they're listed above some of the more famous places in Jackson in Cheyenne, but that's probably just me being me.

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