I've seen tumbleweeds and I've seen tornadoes, but I've never seen a tumbleweed tornado until now. You can feel the fury of this weather event that borders on science fiction.

Matt M. McKnight shared this amazing video on Twitter.

According to Boing Boing, Matt shot this video near Hanford Site in Washington state. By Washington state standards, that's a pretty hefty wind storm.

Since my wife is a meteorologist, I should probably direct you to the National Severe Storms Laboratory website to define what a tornado actually is. In her opinion, she would refer to something like this as a dust devil. She's trying to convince me that we should start using the phrase "street twisters" for these non-tornado type of whirlwinds. I'm gonna start saying "street twisters" on the radio since I don't want to sleep outside.

No matter what you call it, this is a nifty video share by Matt and I wouldn't be surprised if SyFy turns it into a Sharknado type of movie someday.

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