February 9th is National Pizza Day and Wyoming may not be known as a pizza state, but we do have some great choices for pizza.

The History of pizza dates back to the ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks, flatbread with toppings was a common meal for many.

The pizza we all know, with crust, sauce, oils, herbs, cheese and an unlimited list of toppings, was born in Naples, Italy in the 1700's. The idea of pizza came when the need for easy-to-eat, cheap and fast made food was needed for the large population of the city.

Pizza made it's way to America in the late 1800's and early 1900's, when immigrants from Naples arrived in New York City, Boston, Chicago and St. Louis. The first actual pizzeria was licensed in Manhattan in 1905. Since then, national pizza chains, local pizzeria's, convenient stores and restaurants from coast to coast offer many American's favorite meal.

Since so many people love pizza, we thought we would find out which of Wyoming's nearly 100 municipalities had the best pizza. Obviously our poll doesn't represent the entire population of Wyoming's pizza lovers, but many people are passionate about their favorite.

Some of the runner up's in our small "favorite pizza poll" were:

  • Thermopolis - P6
  • Saratoga - The Grumpy Italian
  • Sheridan - Powder River Pizza
  • Gillette - Pizza Carello

Since moving to Wyoming, there has been on pizza place that has been recommended to me multiple times and the most suggested pizza place in Wyoming is in Lusk, Wyoming.

Lusk is the county seat of Wyoming smallest county, Niobrara and only has just over 1500 people in town. Seems that in this case, size really DOESN'T matter.

pizza lusk
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The Pizza Place on Main St. in Lusk, was mentioned way more than any other pizza shop in the state. The pizzeria is owned by Brad and Melissa Wagner and seems to be the place to go for a slice.

Looking at their Facebook page and the reviews that were submitted, it seems almost everyone has had a great experience.

All of our food was amazing and you can tell the ingredients are fresh! The service was so friendly and welcoming. Everything was very clean and a beautiful dining area. We were just driving through town and so glad we stopped!     - Haley Kingery


Customer service and food above and beyond excellent! - Steve Severson



fantastic pizza in a great environment. stopped in on the way from deadwood to Denver, would seek them out again! - Karen Bodner


Great pizza and salads. Im sure everything is good but that's what my family likes most. The staff is 1 in a million. I couldn't make my grandsons 6th birthday to Lusk so they made it special for him. My grandson called so excited, thank You Pizza Place staff. - Gina Marie Trujillo

pizza lusk
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Enjoy National Pizza Day and think about a trip soon to Lusk and The Pizza Place.

Lusk Map
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