For the past three years, it seems as though everyone has been complaining about the price of gasoline.  If you're one of those who've been praying for cheaper gasoline its looking good as we move towards the new year.

According to financial experts,  next year gas is going to be so cheap it'll seem like the gas stations will be paying you to drive.

According to the latest forecast from the government, the average person will save approximately $550 on gas in 2015.

The average driver will spend $1,962 on gas next year, which is down 20% from this 2014 and the lowest number since 2004.

The average price of a gallon in 2015 should be $2.60, in 2014 it was $3.37.

The three main reasons gas prices are going down are that the U.S. has increased its oil production, demand is lower in Europe and Asia and more people worldwide are driving less or environmentally friendly hybrids and other fuel-efficient cars.

This ultimately could lead to a big increase in tourism for Wyoming in 2015 as well as an opportunity for us in Wyoming to get out and explore our wonderful state.

Source: CNN Money