The treehouse was originally intended for a family's kids, but that didn't stop a bear from taking it over as a new video shows.

A mom who was homeschooling her daughter captured this video of a very large guest they found investigating their treehouse.

Here's how the mom described this bear squatter:

During our homeschool day, my daughter looked up to find a bear sauntering down a path in our yard. He ended up climbing the steep ladder into our treehouse, perhaps drawn by the lingering smell of Halloween treats in our hanging bucket. After a minute or two, disappointed, he climbed out and nimbly backed down the ladder.

Based on the description, this happened in Bedford, New Hampshire which is bear country just like many parts of Wyoming are. Got trees and wilderness? Then you likely have bears also. If that's the case, maybe not a great idea to leave candy out where a bear might smell it and come calling.

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