What would you do if a mountain lion broke into your home? One family had to deal with that exact situation after a big cat came crashing in through a window.

KSL-TV in Salt Lake City shared the story of Jon Hughes family who had a very large intruder. Reporter Dan Rascon shared these incredible pics on Twitter of the window the mountain came through and other damage.

They also included a video report on what went down (or in) the home.

Fortunately, no one in the family was injured. They report that the cat entered the home then ran into the basement. Mr. Hughes didn't realize what had happened until he went to investigate an unusual breeze coming in through the window when he saw the big cat. The good news for Jon is that it fled instead of attacking back out the way it came.

Jon's home is located in Millcreek Canyon which is a beautiful and wild area just to the east of Salt Lake City. It's definitely prime mountain lion country as Jon and his family know all too well now.

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