With the possible exception of Montana, there's no place that should have the joy of watching a grizzly play in a stream than Montana. But, there's a catch with this video.

This video was shared by Caters Clips on YouTube. When we hear about grizzlies, unfortunately that normally involves an attack or something negative. In this case, it's a grizzly playing harmlessly in a stream.

If you dig into the details of the video, you'll notice it wasn't captured in Wyoming or Montana. Nope. It's a place called Dancing Bears Park in Bulgaria. Yes, Bulgaria. If you check TripAdvisor, you'll notice it's a highly-rated park for the most part where they apparently provide a sanctuary for rescued bears.

If you do a search for Wyoming grizzlies on Google, you'll find zillions of stories about attacks or legal battles over whether they can be hunted. It's refreshing to just watch a grizzly enjoying life in the water even if it is from Bulgaria.

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