Thanks to the internet, I have found a vital Casper accessory. It's a harness that allows you to safely walk your chicken on a leash. Finally.

Thanks to Diply for this find. It's a harness for your chicken (because we all have at least one) made by a company called Yesito. It's quite the thing on Amazon and even includes a helpful how-to on how to put the harness on your chicken. Behold.

Yesito, Amazon
Yesito, Amazon

Yesito's description on Amazon includes this interesting fact:

ENHANCE CHICKEN TRAINING TO THE FULLEST: Teach your fowls to walk on a leash and find your peace of mind again. Facilitate their training and walking performances with the Yesito harness on. It’s that easy. Try it and see for yourself.

I would highly recommend you grab a fistful of these bad boys off Amazon so you can walk your flock through town. P.S. - If you do, please take video of that special chicken moment and share with us. Perhaps you can definitively answer the question of why the chicken crossed the road - on a leash.

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