Have you ever taken a big drink from your favorite soft drink and thought, "Hmm. I sure wish my home could smell like this."? Well, you're in luck. There's now a candle company that can make it happen.

I have to throw some kudos to Diply for the find on this. They shared an Etsy store called 716CandleCo that makes soft drink flavored candles. There's one like the pic above that can make your house smell like Mountain Dew, but there's also one if you're a Pepsi lover.

716CandleCo via Etsy
716CandleCo via Etsy

The variety they offer is pretty wild. There's one that smells like Hawaiian Punch, Orange Crush, etc. Why would anyone want a candle that smells like Diet Pepsi? To each his own I guess.

If you could choose, which soft drink candle would you choose?

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