Do you love trivia games?  Finding out random bits of information?

Here are five random facts to help you get through your day, or that you can use to impress your friends - or not...

1.  The entire original Nintendo game "Super Mario Brothers" is on a 32-kilobyte cartridge.  That means the file size of the game is probably around a third of the file size of one photo today.

2.  No basketball movie has ever made $100 million at the box office.  The closest is . . . "Space Jam", which made $90 million.  "White Men Can't Jump" is second, at $76 million.

3.  Ladybugs are the most PROMISCUOUS insects . . . and have the highest STD rates to back it up.

4.  The official medical term for the butt crack is the "intergluteal cleft."

5.  Of the 25 countries in the world with the highest alcohol consumption, 24 are in Europe.  The other country is . . . South Korea, which came in 12th.  The U.S. is only 57th.

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