The Winter Olympics are good, but we think they could be better. Here's five popular Wyoming winter pastimes that would make the games more exciting.

Ski Joring is like a rodeo on skis as riders race through obstacles and fly over jumps while being pulled by a horse. There are several Ski Joring events across the state, including the annual Winter Festival in Sundance and the Pinedale Winter Carnival. If cross country skiing is an official Olympic sport, Ski Joring should be too.

Speed Flying takes ski jumping to the next level. Arguably the most extreme winter sport on the planet, it combines skiing and paragliding for what some daredevils consider to be the ultimate ride.

A Cardboard Box Derby would be an excellent addition to the alpine events. Athletes from every country could build their own cardboard sleds and race each other down the mountain.

Another sport that would make the Winter Olympics more exciting is Cutter Racing. A Cowboy State tradition for nearly 100 years, this event originated in Thayne, Wyo. in the 1920s. The first Cutter Racing Association was formed in 1948 and has since spread to several western states.

Finally, there is no better way to celebrate the closing ceremonies than a round of Gelande Quaffing. Invented in Teton Village by a group of thirsty ski bums stuck inside a bar during a blizzard, it is considered among the greatest drinking games of all time. Every spring, teams from across the globe come to Wyoming for the annual World Championship.

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