Florida Georgia Line's 'Round Here' is their latest single, and it's so catchy that they've dubbed it the anthem of their lives. The duo just released the music video, which gives a fun, summer-loving glimpse into the lives of the band's members Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard.

Much of the clip is a split screen, which is an interesting visual twist. So Kelley and Hubbard are shown jamming separately in many of the shots, but the images are side by side throughout the video, and they're lined up perfectly, even though they're in two different shots.

It's the perfect video for hot weather, and the band shows that you can find a little summer lovin' anywhere -- whether it's a cashier at a gas station or a waitress at a small town diner. It probably helps that the duo is comprised of two handsome fellows!

For FGL, it looks like summer includes lounging in the back of pickup trucks, hanging out at the local diner and having an impromptu dance party at the beach. Sounds like a perfect summertime plan, doesn't it?

With this contagious song, the band may be seeing success just like their hit 'Cruise' saw, much to their delight. This hit will be climbing the charts 'round here... and everywhere.