It's a bold statement by the Food Network to claim they've found the BEST BBQ in the state.

I get that Wyoming doesn't have the long standing reputation for BBQ, like Missouri, Tennessee or Texas, but we know how to cook meat in the Cowboy State and have plenty of great BBQ joints.

Shoot, Mapquest did a study and didn't even rank Wyoming in the Top 8 states for BBQ in the country. When we see rankings like this, we get our feathers ruffled a little.

Picking just one BBQ restaurant in the state of Wyoming doesn't seem to be fair and I have questions.

  • Was the restaurant they chose the only one they went to?
  • What was the criteria they used to choose the best?
  • Did they actually go to every town, that has a BBQ restaurant, and try the food?
  • Was it a team of people that tried the food or just one persons opinion?
  • Did they eat more than just one item from the menu?
  • Was it chosen because of the size of menu or certain menu items?

The questions keep coming and I don't think we'll ever have answers.

We all have our personal favorites and I don't think I could pick just one BBQ joint to be the BEST. I like different things from different restaurants. Unless you have a connection to the food or restaurant, it would be hard to choose one to be the BEST.

I know you're wondering which restaurant was chosen by Food Network to be tops in Wyoming, and I'll tell you in a second. I don't want to take anything away from ANY of the BBQ restaurants we have, because I love BBQ and can't personally pick the top without trying them all (which I'm going to try to do in 2023).

Food Network has chosen Pokey's Barbecue and Smokehouse is Gillette, WY as the TOP BBQ joint in Wyoming.

Pokeys BBQ
Google Maps

Congratulations to Pokey's BBQ and Smokehouse, can't wait to get to Gillette and try it.

Give me your suggestion for the best BBQ Joint in Wyoming. Just shoot me an email and I'll make it a point in 2023 to try as many as possible.

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