Remember last year when Lay's introduced experimental potato chip flavors, and people could vote for the flavor they liked best?  Well, they did and cheesy garlic bread flavor beat out Sriracha and chicken and waffles.

This year means that there is a new round of experimental flavors to be tasted and these are even weirder than before.

Lay's just announced they'll be rolling out four new flavors for people to buy, try, and vote on:  Cheddar bacon mac and cheese, Wasabi ginger, Mango salsa and Cappuccino.

The strangest flavor of the group has got to be the cappuccino flavor, but if you've ever wondered what a coffee-flavored potato chips taste like, now is your chance.

Lay's hasn't made any promises about any of these flavors becoming permanent in store options, but if one or more of these flavors is extremely popular I suppose it could happen.

You can start voting for the best flavor on their website soon and the taste contest runs through the middle of October.

Now get out there and try something new! and grab a few of your potato chips as well, just in case one or more of the new flavors taste nasty!