Country newcomer Frankie Ballard was looking for his biggest fan, and with a little help from Taste of Country, he found her in his home state. The Michigan-born country singer brought 10-year-old Nikki on stage with him during a show in Grand Rapids, Mich. last month.

From the screams in the audience, it sounds like the the competition was fierce. Nikki came on stage with two friends, all wearing pink shirts, guitar straps and mini-amplifiers clipped to their belts. Amongst Nikki’s acts of fanship are a Frankie Ballard fan club she began at her elementary school. So far, ten people have joined in support of the ‘Tell Me You Get Lonely’ singer.

“And the prize was she was gonna get to do a shot with me, but you can’t do that,” Ballard says. The audience cracks up, but the little girl in pink might be too young to understand.

Ballard is hitting the road hard in 2012. According to his official website, he’ll be traveling in the southwest and along the west coast through March, before a string of shows with Luke Bryan in April.

Watch Frankie Ballard Meet His Biggest Fan