Frankie Ballard is starting out the new year with details on his upcoming album, 'Sunshine & Whiskey.'

Ballard's eleven-song upcoming album includes the hit 'Helluva Life' that has made its way into the Top 15 on country radio -- his first time to reach the Top 20 -- as well as the album's title track, 'Sunshine & Whiskey.'

"I'm really proud of this," the singer says in a release. "It's got songs that really mean something to me and that I knew would mean something to other people. It's got lots of different emotions, from partying and having fun to some really deep stuff. It's an emotional journey as well as a musical journey."

Ballar's album -- which will take fans on an emotional journey -- is due out on Feb. 11. 'Sunshine & Whiskey' was produced by Marshall Altman and is the follow-up to his self-titled debut album that came out in 2011. His debut included the songs 'Tell Me You Get Lonely' and 'A Buncha Girls.'

Frankie Ballard 'Sunshine & Whiskey' Track Listing:

1. 'Young & Crazy'
2. 'Sunshine & Whiskey'
3. 'It Don’t Take Much'
4. 'Helluva Life'
5. 'Drinky Drink'
6. 'Tell Me You Get Lonely'
7. 'Sober Me Up'
8. 'I’m Thinking Country'
9. 'Tip Jar'
10. 'Don’t You Wanna Fall'
11. 'Don’t Tell Mama I Was Drinking'