We've all had those days where it seems nothing can go right. Even if that's happened to you recently, I'm betting that day was still better than a guy who had a bison sneeze directly into his mouth.

Before you jump to the conclusion, this did not happen in Yellowstone even though it feels like it could/should. This was not the case of a careless tourist getting too close to a huge beast. This guy was taking a trip through a wildlife safari.

I could probably say that this guy had it coming. It's obvious that he had already fed the bison whatever treat the park provided him, but it wasn't enough. His cries of "one more" were famous last words you just knew were gonna come back to haunt him.

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I wish there were some incredibly deep thoughts I could add to this, but I can't. It's a bison letting nature (and maybe bison allergies) take its course. I will say that this guy's wife will have the joy of sharing this video for years. So, compared to her husband, she's having a very good day.

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