One of America's favorite comedians and actors, Will Ferrell, recently got stranded in Cody Wyoming.

The Anchorman star was traveling with his family in Cody, Wyoming, and ended up staying longer than he planned due to the recent flooding at Yellowstone National Park.

Cowboy State Daily reported that Ferrell had pretty much become a regular at gourmet food market, Sitti's Table and was traveling in three RVs, with a group of roughly about eight people (read more here).

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The Cody area is no stranger to its share of celebrities. Hip-Hop mogul, fashion designer and eccentric billionaire, Kanye West, called the town home for almost two years.

Prior to buying Monster Lake Ranch (and renaming it West Lake Ranch), Ye had called Jackson Hole, Wyoming home for almost a year as he recorded five albums, which have since come to be known as the Wyoming Sessions.

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