Garth Brooks may have some friends in low places, but he also has friends like Justin Timberlake. The country legend played an enormous show in Baltimore, Md. on Jan. 31 — which also happens to be Timberlake’s birthday — so he took the unique opportunity to wish his friend a good one with the help of the entire audience.

Brooks got out his phone and took a video, addressing the fans first about a fellow they may know who was turning a year older.

“I hate this guy because he always looks like he’s 18. I hate this guy ‘cause he’s got more talent in his pinky than my whole body. I hate this guy because my wife’s in love with him,” Brooks began. “But I love this kid. He’s a kid named Justin Timberlake."

The crowd went wild, and the country star encouraged everyone to sing “Happy Birthday” to JT and even film it themselves and send it to Timberlake on Twitter. The entire room sang loudly as Brooks led the birthday tune, interjecting “Justin” and glancing at the camera in between lines.

Timberlake — a new dad — responded Monday morning:

It’s no surprise Timberlake has made friends in the country community over the years, especially considering his recent collaboration with one of country’s biggest breakout artists Chris Stapleton at the CMAs last year. After the explosive performance he even released his tune “Drink You Away” to country radio. His producer Timbaland has noted JT and himself just have the genre in their blood, even if they don’t regularly sing it.

“We are country. He’s from Tennessee, I’m from Virginia. It’s only right that we try to tap into what we was raised in. We was raised in the country,” Timbaland told TMZ. “That’s who we are.”

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