As Americans prepare to hit the road for the long Memorial Day weekend, one encouraging sign for motorists will be finding lower prices at the gas pump. After reaching record highs earlier this year, AAA's Fuel Gauge Survey shows that gasoline prices have been slowly falling.

The national average price of self-serve regular gasoline is currently $3.809 a gallon, down from $3.886 last Friday. The national average price has dropped 17.6 cents a gallon from its peak on May 5.

US Gasoline supplies, rose by 3.79 million barrels, due to an increase in imports and production and a slowdown in demand, probably because of the high cost at the pump. Though the price remains higher than it was this time last year, many consumers undoubtedly feel better seeing the price fall instead of rise.

Here are the AAA rankings for the most expensive and least expensive states to purchase gasoline in over the Memorial Day Weekend.

The states with the most expensive gasoline today are:

•Alaska ($4.281)
•Hawaii ($4.149)
•Connecticut ($4.146)
•California ($4.066)
•Washington, DC ($4.065)
•Illinois ($4.058)
•New York ($4.049)
•Michigan (($3.979)
•Washington ($3.952)
•Rhode Island ($3.936)

The states with the least expensive gasoline today are:

•South Carolina ($3.560)
•Mississippi ($3.604)
•Missouri ($3.616)
•Tennessee ($3.618)
•Alabama ($3.619)
•Arkansas ($3.648)
Wyoming ($3.672)
•Arizona ($3.675)
•Oklahoma ($3.676)
•Louisiana ($3.679)