I don't like name-calling, but facts are facts. A new ranking of the stupidest cities in America names 7 of the "top" 10 reside in California.

If you're originally from California or are still stuck there, don't get mad at me. This new internet ranking of dumbest places in America comes from Roadsnacks. Here's their "top" 10. Notice all of the California places.

  1. Salinas, CA
  2. El Monte, CA
  3. San Bernardino, CA
  4. Rialto, CA
  5. Santa Maria, CA
  6. Santa Ana, CA
  7. Paterson, NJ
  8. Jurupa Valley, CA
  9. Elizabeth, NJ
  10. Hialeah, FL

How did Roadsnacks come up with this infamous list? Here's the methodology they said they used:

By measuring the high school graduation rate of the entire population, and looking at the number of educational vs. drinking opportunities in these places

That makes sense even to me and that's saying something. It made me curious how cities in Wyoming would rank. I found a list from 5 years ago that named Mills and Douglas among the dumbest cities in Wyoming based on the same metrics. I cast no stones since I'm not exactly genius material either.

Since I've not been named the sharpest knife in the drawer, I am not passing judgment on anyone.

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