First, we should explain that ghost signs have nothing to do with the paranormal but rather are old forms of advertising that were hand painted on the side of buildings. Some have called these fading ads or brick ads. Many of the signs were painted before the 1960's and were painted with a lead based paint on masonry which is the main reason so many have lasted over the years.

Here in Casper there are many that you will drive by everyday and may or may not notice, so I thought I would chronicle those that I could find and remember. You will see everything from and old Lee Riders ad to local advertising for Casper businesses that may or may not have survived as long as the sign itself.

Many of these signs have survived the years because property owners have just left them alone and let them add to the character of the building. The Hotel Townsend was one that citizens fought for when the county turned the building into the new courthouse and had announced they would have it sandblasted off. After much public discussion it was decided to just leave it alone and let it remain as part of the history of downtown.

Ghost Signs in Casper

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