With the Christmas shopping season beginning to ramp up toward the "Black Friday" kickoff, a new survey is helping men and women figure out what gifts - not to give.  The survey focused on figuring out the worst gifts men can buy for women and on the flip side, the worst gifts women can buy for men.

The survey was conducted by Clareville, a PR agency in the UK.  It solicited input from more than 2,000 men and women in order to help us purchase better gifts for one another.

Judging from the survey's results, we clearly need these lists. Because the study found more than half of women and about one in five men say they've opened a present from their significant other, and wondered what the hell they were thinking.  Has this ever happened to you?

The study also found about one in six couples have gotten into a massive fight over a present and one in 20 have actually broken up over a bad present.

So, here's what NOT to buy this holiday season according to the survey.

Gifts men should never buy for women:

Underwear – the wrong size, too slutty or too sexy
Toiletries – the wrong brand
Perfume – she don’t like the smell of
Kitchen utensils – a blatant insult
Cheap jewelry – he’s a cheapskate
Chocolates – that she doesn't like
Shoes or slippers – in the wrong size
Vacuum cleaner – insinuating she should clean more
Flowers – forgetting her favorite
Exercise clothes or DVD – suggesting she is fat

Gifts women should never buy for men:

Clothes – he hates receiving clothes
Gadgets – she opts for the cheap ones rather than the best
A man bag – he can’t pull it off
Stuffed toys – he’s not manly enough
Shoes – he only needs one pair
Jewelry – his mates would never let him forget it
Chocolates – she’s only buying them so she can eat them
A meal out – because she wants to go
Aftershave – there’s nothing wrong with his old faithful
A framed photo – too sentimental

A few other things that just missed both lists were adult toys, anti-aging products and luggage (Unless there are vacation reservations inside).

What other gift items can you add to the list?  Or do these lists hit the nail on the head so to speak?

Source: easier.com

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