Learning to live the ranch life may be difficult, especially if you don't have experience. Luckily, Wyomingites are willing to give a hand, or at least a word of advice, to those who need help, especially when the person that needs help is one of our own. Well, kind of.

Taven Bryan is a Casper native and a defensive lineman for the NFL's Indianapolis Colts. When he's not smashing offensive linemen, quarterbacks, and running backs, he spends time on his ranch here in Wyoming. Growing up in Wyoming, he has a firm grasp of the Wyoming way of life.

His girlfriend, Mica, on the other hand, grew up in Florida and is new to life on a ranch in Wyoming. When Taven isn't playing football, they live on a ranch in Wyoming, which could be a challenging task for someone who wasn't born here. However, I will say that from the look of her Instagram page, she's catching on and settling in just fine.

Life has changed since the first homesteaders came to Wyoming and began working on the land. The work is still hard, and there's a lot that goes into it, but asking for help is always encouraged.

AgTech is a company that works to help ranchers make a transition to using technology and digital resources to help on the ranch.

Here are 10 tips AgTech gives for becoming a rancher in 2024.

Know your niche - the best livestock and crops to work on your land. The infrastructure of your ranch is essential to knowing what you're capable of doing.

Invest wisely in your livestock -Choosing the best breeding livestock will be a significant factor in your ranch's success.

Master the care of your livestock - caring for your investment is key. Proper nutrition, health practices, infrastructure, and management are key.

Manage your land - plan how to maintain it, including grazing, resting periods, soil health, and harvest plans.

Build a strong support system - networking, making & maintaining solid friendships, and finding trustworthy suppliers to get help when and where needed.

Continue learning - keep an eye on the latest industry trends, methods, and marketing, which can be critical to the growth and protection of your ranch.

Study your possible income streams - if you're in a slow time, how will you continue bringing in money? Using the resources of your ranch can help you develop opportunities to diversify your income.

Be business-minded - maintaining accurate financial records, tracking your finances closely, and looking toward your financial future.

Technology is your friend - like I said, things have changed since the first homesteaders in Wyoming. Embrace the change, use the new tools, and keep up with the latest tech to use everything to your advantage.

Prepare for the unexpected - weather, disease, disasters, and other challenges could quickly sink your ranch. Insurance, emergency response plans, disease treatment protocols, and flexibility in your operations will help you continue to thrive in tough times.

If you were going to advise someone about moving to Wyoming and living on a ranch, what advice would you give to help prepare someone for ranch life? WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE?

Pictures Capture The Love Between Wyoming Ranchers And Their Horses

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Gallery Credit: Chris Dickinson

Wyoming Ranch Motion-Triggered Wildlife Cam

Gallery Credit: Working Lands & Wildlife Project via Vimeo

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