I love the internet.

It is such a wonderful resource for finding completely amazing talented people I never would have known about otherwise.

For example, Don Sanders.

His voice talent is phenomenal, and I think it's safe to say that the world would be a better place if he was in charge of making all the "your car warranty is about to expire" telemarketer calls.

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In this TikTok video, Sanders uses his fabulous voice talent to read the beginning script of "Star Wars", but he does it in a Cowboy Poetry style that is nothing short of epic.

Well, that was amazing, right?

I think I need to have him saying "death star" as my new ring tone.

Or perhaps find a way to see if he'll do an announcement or two for the morning show?

He DOES have a series where he reads people's TikTok bios...maybe he'll read mine?

Don if this somehow makes it to you, use our My Country Mobile App to do a shout out so we can play your voice on air, it's worth a try right ;)

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