As a finishing touch to his Farewell Tour, which has been criss-crossing the country over the past few months, Glen Campbell has released a tear-jerking new music video for ‘A Better Place,’ which will put a lump in the viewer’s throat from the first bar of the song.

The video showcases Campbell looking through picture albums, carefully recapping the milestones and achievements he has experienced his life and career, all intertwined with live performance footage.

If the living legend’s ‘A Better Place’ video doesn’t get you before the end, the final scene will send your emotions over the edge — a personal thank you message to Campbell’s family, fans and peers, and of course his wife of 30 years is especially heartfelt. ”My love goes out to Kim, my amazing grace,” he says. “You’ve been by my side through these changing times, and it means the world to me.”

The song is the second release from Campbell’s Surfdog Records album, ‘Ghost on the Canvas.’

Watch the Glen Campbell ‘A Better Place’ Video