"Sweetie" is a Black Angus cow owned by the Allen family.

The Allen's aren't full-blown ranchers (they make and sell sheds through their business A+ Builders LLC), but they do have a small cattle herd of 20.

They began raising cows for beef for their family and to use for 4H. Slowly but surely they have added to their herd and their beloved cow "Sweetie" is definitely helping in that area.

The first time "Sweetie" calved she had a single heifer, who was sold to the neighbors.

So you can imagine the Allen's surprise when the next time she gave birth it was to three calves. They all weighed between 60 and 62 pounds and two of them survived.

Ross Allen

When it came time for "Sweetie" to calve this year, the Allen's didn't think much about it. She looked to be average-sized and they knew for a cow to have one set of triplets was a 1 in 100,000 chance.

When she calved three heifers THIS year, the Allen family was in shock. The chances of having triplets that are all the same sex are 1 in 700,000.

Ross Allen

The calves are named "Kenna" "Becca" and "Shannon."

Their birth weights were 44, 45 and 62 pounds.

Misti Allen

So enquiring minds want to know, what are the chances of having triplets twice?

To make sure I had my stats correct I reached out to the head of the Casper College Ag Department Heath Hornicker.

He was just as excited as we were to hear about this and told me that it was a one in a million chance for a cow to have triplets twice.

The jury is still out on why this particular cow is so prolific.

She didn't have a different kind of feed from the other cows in the herd and she was bred with different bulls each year.

Her first calf is due to give birth this year and we are all waiting to hear if she continues the birthing patterns of "Sweetie".

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