Being known for safety is a good thing. That's why Glenrock should give itself a pat on the back as it was just named one of the safest cities in Wyoming.

This bit of good news about Glenrock comes courtesy of Homesnacks. They have a brand new list of the safest cities in Wyoming and Glenrock comes in at #4.

How did Homesnacks come up with this ranking? Here's the criteria they used:

we analyzed 26 cities in Wyoming with a population of more than 2,000 using the latest FBI crime data

You would think the FBI would know. Last year, Glenrock was ranked at #14, so that's big improvement. The Homesnacks article shows Glenrock was 9th safest when it comes to violent crime and 2nd safest for property crimes. Impressive.

Check out the complete Homestacks ranking to see where other Wyoming towns placed.

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