Has your business lost good employees?  Are you finding that attracting good employees is becoming harder and harder?

There are large number of reasons why good employees quit.  In fact, many are funny enough to fill up a comedy top ten list, but if you’re the CEO or HR department head and your total of good workers continue to dwindle, it’s no laughing matter. Here are a few of the top reasons why good employees leave the job.

1. Poor reward system

If your office lacks a reward system for outstanding work, then you could be loosing good people for no good reason.  Bosses can reward employees for a fantastic job in a multitude of ways and by communicating with employees, bosses receive insight about what motivates their staff or what they value the most.

2. Management

Often a good employee will enjoy the company they work for, but not like the manager overseeing their department. The saying, “People don’t leave companies, they leave their managers” shows that recognition and rewards from upper management is crucial for employee moral and to keep employees continually committed.

3. Hiring and promotions

A surefire means to alienate workers is for the good ones to see undeserving employees get all the accolades and the big promotions.

4. Too much work

When your go-to workers start to feel overwhelmed due to a heavier workload, this can cause them to burn out. Striving for an effective balance between work and home life is important for employees as well.  Being understaffed is never fun, but when it's your good employees leaving, the workload can pile up fast and placing an undo amount of stress on others.  This can create a vicious circle that might be difficult to dig out from under for some businesses.

In the end, the choice of whether your employees leave or not might boil down to the kind of culture that is inside your organization. However, it’s also about being proactive about working to retain the talent that you already have inside your business.