There is good news for bathrooms everywhere. Charmin has created a brand new type of toilet paper roll that is designed to last way longer than what we've seen before.

If you've ever braved a Casper public restroom, you're probably used to seeing this (and we admit this is a best-case scenario)...toilet paper laying on top of the toilet because someone doesn't feel like changing it on the actual holder.

Townsquare Media

Charmin has come to the rescue with what they are calling the Forever Roll.


According to Business Insider, the Forever Roll is being marketed to millenials and older people that live alone. For me, this would mean I would be prepared for bathroom needs during the upcoming zombie apocalypse.

The Charmin online store (there is such a place) lists this for $9.99 a roll. The 3-pack comes with a free wall mount so you can be the hero of all your friends that come by to visit.