All of us here are HUGE fans of our local A'Salt Creek Roller Girls, who introduced us to the extremely cool sport of Roller Derby.    It's a sport that has gone through lots of revolutions and revivals over the years.   Modern day roller derby is an all-female, full-contact sport on quad skates - the brutality of rugby meets the grace of gymnastics.    Want to test the waters and see if it's something you might enjoy - but not sure how?   This weekend, something cool coming up:

A'Salt Creek Roller Girls present Derby 101 - a skate, ref, and derby clinic.   Happens January 15, at the Industrial Building at the Fairgrounds.    Kind of a bootcamp, where potential "fresh meat" can get a lot of knowledge from the ACRG skaters, coach, and referees.     For more info, visit the Roller Girls website, Facebook, or the event RSVP.

More info:

Runs 9am - 8:30pm.  Must be 21, and bring equipment - they have a limited supply of loaner stuff, you can call Jina at 277-0139, or Melanie at 797-9078 to get some more info.