One of our most-anticipated movies for 2012 just moved to 2013.

That’s would be ‘Gravity,’ Alfonso Cuaron’s 3D, sci-fi thriller starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock. The film would be Cuaron’s first feature-length directorial effort since 2006’s brilliant ‘Children of Men.’

Warner Bros. originally planned to release the film on Nov. 21, capitalizing on the always-busy Thanksgiving holiday weekend but now ComingSoon says the studio has shifted ‘Gravity’ back to “an unspecified date in 2013.” And man, that’s disappointing.

Cuaron showed real promise with his early work on ‘A Little Princess’ and ‘Great Expectations,’ then realized that potential with the groundbreaking ‘Y Tu Mama Tambien.’ Then, Cuaron directed the best ‘Harry Potter’ installment (in ‘The Prisoner of Azkaban’) before moving on to ‘Children of Men.’ We’ve been chomping at the bit for him to deliver his nest feature but now we have to wait longer.

When ‘Gravity’ finally opens, we’re expected to see Sandra Bullock as an astronaut who survives an accident as her crew tries to repair the Hubble telescope, then must endure impossible odds just to get back to Earth and reunite with her daughter. George Clooney, from what we know, plays an Earthbound scientist assisting Bullock’s character on her mission. And Cuaron, a masterful visual storyteller, gets his first crack at 3D, which may improve on the method in the ways that Martin Scorsese explored with ‘Hugo.’

But when? We’re not sure. All I know is that we won’t see ‘Gravity’ in November, and that’s some of the worst news you’ll hear today.

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