If Disney movies and National Geographic has taught us anything, it is that the circle of life can be both dangerous and vicious amongst wildlife.

Grizzly 399, quite arguable the most famous bear in the wild and in the world, along with her four cubs, were captured on camera feasting after a kill in the Grand Teton National Park. Grizzly 399 did all the work taking down an elk calf and then standing watch as the cubs enjoyed the meal.

The video below shows amazing still shots of the grizzly running down the calf as the mother unfortunately has to watch from a safe distance.

*Viewer discretion advised: graphic footage*

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In the video below, which was posted to YouTube by channel, Watts Wildlife, you can see the aftermath of the kill. The description of the video states:

Can't even believe I got to witness this. Nature at its rawest, featuring the greatest bear in the world. Enjoy, and thanks for watching!

This is a different kind of video for this channel. On my recent trip down to Grand Teton National Park during my days off from my Yellowstone job, I was able to witness nature at its rawest. On May 31, 2021, legendary Grizzly Bear 399 captured and killed an elk calf right along the roadside, and Grizzly 399 and her four cubs ate the elk in front of a crowd of watchers, tearing it to shreds in minutes. Being able to see a grizzly eat an elk was something I hoped to see while out here, but doubted I would. But surprisingly, I didn't just see any grizzly eat an elk, but Grizzly 399 eat an elk. What an experience. Nature is brutal, but man was it fascinating to watch as these grizzly bears ate the elk calf right in front of us.

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