Guernsey State Park is closed due to the recent wildfire, but persons with property inside the park are being escorted inside to remove boats or inspect damage. 

Guernsey, WY-

At 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 14, Rocky Mountain Incident Management Team C will transfer management of the Guernsey State Park Fire to Platte County Firefighters.

Hand crews and engines continued mop up operations today and were supported by one Type 2 helicopter and two Type 3 helicopters doing water bucket drops.

There are a few spots burning well within the fire perimeter and over the next several days. Small plumes of smoke may be visible within the fire boundary.  Residents and visitors are urged to refrain from taking any action in extinguishing these small smoke plumes. You may notify local authorizes if with your concerns.

Team C would like to thank the community for all the support they have shown the firefighters in the last several days.

Deputy Incident Commander, Jay Esperance, said “At the community meeting the audience made it very clear in their gratitude; first was the local fire departments; second was the National Guard; and third is you, the regional firefighters.”

This fire can be followed on or on Twitter, @gfcomplex, hashtag #Gurensey_WYMBF

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